Welcome to the website of the Finchley Partnership Minyan.  We are an independent Orthodox Minyan, who offer friendly and meaningful services with maximal participation for adults and children of both genders.  

We meet once every 4-6 weeks.  To be kept in the loop and hear when our services are, why not subscribe to our email list?

Services begin at 9.30am.  For further information contact us on finchleypartnershipminyan@gmail.com

For more information on the halakhic basis and argumentation behind our project, please see the following collection of articles, curated by our friends at the London Partnership Minyan.  

One of our own organising members, Elie Jesner, has also written on the topic.  You may be interested in a shorter piece on the issues around religious authority, originally published in Ha’aretz, or in a longer piece on the nature of halakha.  The opinions expressed therein are Elie’s personal opinions only.